SMS Trial offer
We are so sure you will be Amazed
with the results from your text message marketing we will give you a
14 Day FREE Trial
Plus 250 messages to build Your
VIP list of Loyal Customers.

After you see the Power from a simple text
message and Experience how Quick, Easy
and CHEAP it is to Keep Customers returning,
spending more and bringing in New Customers (too add to your list),
We're sure you won't want to give it back!


SMS Marketing for Any Biz.

Can you afford Not to use SMS to increase your Profits, Anytime at Will?!

SMS/Text Message Marketing gives you a Direct line to your customers. A way to contact them anytime with your message being delivered "Right in Your Customers Hands"

Text marketing is the Fastest, Easiest & Cheapest way of connecting with Your audience. People may not check their emails every ten seconds but they do read their text messages right away!

In fact 97% of all text messages are read within 4 minutes of being sent. With figures like that it's very rare that your message won't get opened.

Each message sent is HIGHLY Targeted, specifically to those looking for your services. And with response rates ranging from 10% to 70%, you can bet that your business will grow as a result.

So, how does it work?
First, your customer opts in to your list by texting a special keyword to your number.

Second, your customer receives an automated message usually with a special offer for joining your VIP list.

But it doesn't stop there, you now have a means of personally contacting your Members List/s Any Time You Want to inform them of great new deals and special offers or events.

Slow Day... Send a Message!!

While other marketing solutions may require a substantial investment, the cost of mobile marketing pales in comparison. But the effects are felt almost instantly.

Not only does SMS marketing promote your product or service but it builds a long lasting LOYAL fan-base for your business. And it only gets more and more effective the longer you use it.

The bigger you build your list the Bigger the Profits!

SMS is hands down, the fastest, easiest and most effective means of marketing to your customers...

Extremely Effective Marketing

VIP Club set-up fee: Only $250 which includes your first month user interface (data usage) fee of $150.
Plus for a Limited Time get an additional 500 messages to Help You Build Your List of Happy Repeat Customers.

But not until you have had a chance to test our system for a 14 Day No Obligation Trial with 250 Free Messages.

Once you see for yourself just how easy & profitable Building a VIP Rewards Club can be for your business simply pay the one-time set-up fee ($250) and choose your monthly package.

After your first month: Only $150p/m (user interface) + whichever package you choose below.
[eg:250 messages + $150 = $180]
You can upgrade at any time.

Account includes: Your own designated phone number, one(1) list, upto 5 keywords, account log-in to send your messages (user interface), custom table tent graphics (can also be printed large for near your check-out), back-up, maintenance and any assistance you may require.

You can also get email notifications when someone signs up to your list.

Please Note: Cost per message is for in & out. Eg: .12¢ each to send out your messages and 12¢ to get them on Your list. Where else can you advertise directly to your customers for So Little?  No Where!

Monthly packages also include up to 2 updates to your sign-up offer, such as changing your coupon code or completely change Your Offer. Additional changes can be made for a tiny admin fee of $20.

Monthly Packages
MessagesPrice (mth)Per-Message
Larger packages are available. Simply contact us for a quote.

Additional "lists" can be purchased for a one-time set-up fee of $149ea. Plus $50. per month for additional data usage. Extra lists allow you to contact different customers with different offers. [eg: a restaurant has one for lunch, one for dinner.]

Monthly messages do not roll over to the next month so use them wisely.

Each month the amount of messages in your package will be updated in your account automatically. As you build a bigger list you can upgrade to a larger package anytime simply by letting us know.

We are here to help You with your mobile marketing and will do what we can to keep you as a satisfied client for years to come.

[Prices are subject to change with-out notices.]

For more information on
Long-codes VS Short-codes

Your List

Your list is "Your List" and is not shared. Only you (and us) have access to it and will remain yours for as long as you stay with us. If for some reason you wish to stop using our system all list ownership is ours to dispose of as we see fit. We do highly recommend you keep a back-up copy of your own list which is of course your list.

But; Why would you stop using a system that keeps on growing the more you use it and brings you nice healthy profits month after month??

The Best Return on Your Marketing $$$'s Ever....