Why use our Indicators?

I know you probably just said "I can just use my mirrors" or "I wouldn't forget to close it" But surveys have shown that approx. 90% of us never look into our rear view mirrors when we get into our vehicles or look at the cargo area through the mirror before driving.

Also if you have a pickup truck with a tonneau cover (or a box cap, camper etc) you can't see the tailgate at all through your mirrors. With closed in cargo areas on vans, you can't see if the back doors are open through the rear view mirror. If you can see the door(s) swinging open through your side mirrors it is most likely too late.

Sometimes you get side tracked when loading and forget to close the tailgate or door or forget to check it. This happens to the best of us. We jump in and drive, by then it's too late! the cargo has fallen out! This falling cargo not only cost you money to replace it, but may also damage someones property, (ie. smash a windshield of a car) or cause serious personal injury (or even death) to others.

I have seen this happen many times while traveling throughout North America as a transport truck driver. A transport truck driver, who hauls a flatbed trailer for example, knows the consequences to an unsecured load. Falling cargo, no matter the size, can cause accidents.

This is why I came up with the idea of the Indicator. This light/buzzer combination will warn the driver that the tailgate or door is open.

Be safe; install an Indicator for a little peace of mind. Easy to install and inexpensive.
Get yours today!