Robinson's Defender
Division of DPR Trucking
Automotive Accessories Co.

We have products that will not only save you money but also act as a safety feature. Our products are designed in that regard, to provide safety. All products are made to last. Toughness, and durability are a must in the transportation industy and we build them to these standards.

Presently our products are only sold via this website or factory direct. In the future we have hopes of bringing our products to a store near you.

The Company is based in a small rural town in Ontario Canada and we look forward to serving the community for years to come. With new and improved products in our product line and in the design stage, we hope to satisfy many areas in the automotive and trucking industry (with a few others as well).

Our transportation (logistics) products are designed to be used with ease and peace of mind knowing they will do their job. Prevention of falling cargo and theft of cargo is a major concern for the trucking industry. We are here to help with that. The loss of cargo from personal vehicles is becoming a major concern as well. The loss can be quite costly. The company plans on focusing its efforts to prevent cargo loss, reducing insurance claims and saving our customers money in the end.